Sea Hound Charters

The Sea Hound is a United States Coast Guard inspected vessel that can carry up to seventeen people.

Diving Services
The Sea Hound is available on a regular basis for 2 tank boat charters on a per seat basis. If you have a small group and would like a us to recommend an independent dive operator that will arrange for shared space on our vessel, we would be happy to do that, just give us a call.  For single and small group bookings payment and booking arrangements will be made through those operators (we get paid by the operators that book space on the Sea Hound) and prices range from under $100 up to $140.

If you would like to arrange for a private dive charters on the Sea Hound, we are happy to arrange that directly, prices typically start at $250.

Friday Night Fireworks Cruise
The Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki has been treating their guests and the rest of Waikiki to a fireworks show shortly after sunset on Friday night for many years.  We offer private charters to enjoy this show on the waters off Waikiki every Friday night.  $40 per seat with a six person minimum.

Private Snorkeling Charter
Waikiki offers some excellent snorkeling, but it is mostly just a bit to far offshore for the average person to be swimming that far off shore.  We offer private charters with snorkeling equipment and a guide/instructor starting at $40 per seat with a six person minimum.

Sunset (Booze?) Cruise
BYOB and enjoy the water, one and a half hours and enjoy the sunset of the water.  Really, this is just a fireworks cruise that is not on Friday night.  $40 per seat with a six person minimum.

Fishing Charters
Bring your own gear for a half-day or full-day.  Starting at $250 for a half-day.

Ash Scattering Services
Scattering available off Waikiki or farther off shore in blue water.  Prices start @ $250.